• 2006 Honda Element EX AWD


    Features Overview

      This car SOLD before I even had a chance to take pictures of it... I have three more low mile silver Elements in the pipe that I will be painting this same color - the first one is already spoken for... however, if you ask nicely you may reserve one.

      I have decided to embrace the blue... Honda made silver elements every year from 2003 through 2011... so there are more silver elements out there than any other color and I am sick to death of silver... and the interior has a lot of blue trim that is hard to replace/refinish.... so instead of fighting it I am embracing it. This particular color is a newer Subaru color used on the Crosstrek.

      This one got the full ZEN Treatment, roof racks, safari box, refinished wheels, refinished dash - I painted the base and the trim this time and I like the result... cool Honda seat covers, two keys, one remote, full set of factory manuals, and receiver hitch.

      I will be painting about half of the cars I am working on. Possibly a white one and a yellow one in the works.

      On a side note.... about one in three Elements that I sell never even make it online... So if you want some boring Element that might not be everything it is advertised to be... go ahead and buy one where ever you please.... But if you want an exceptional Element, with cool stuff painted a cool color, sold by someone who doesn't lie cheat and steal, give me a call and I will show you something that the other guys don't have.

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